With over a million fans and followers on his Twitter account till date, the numbers are similar on his official Instagram account too.

Young Jeezy brought out his bae for this weekend's 10 year anniversary dinner to celebrate 10 years of service through his Street Dreamz Foundation.

Find out which other couples came out to celebrate, and see more pics of his girlfriend inside...

Along with his solo career as musician, he has also worked in some groups like Bad Boy Records' Boyz n da Hood and United Streets Dopeboyz of America.

One of the leading figures in promoting the trap music style, which is one of the forms of hip hop; he has had a brilliant career so far and his songs and music have reached to people in different countries and continents.

In an interview, he said that he was admitted and kept at YCA (Youth Challenge Academy) for 9 months, because he had a bad habit of using narcotics; especially cigarettes.

After released from there, he was on his own and that is the way he chose to be; away from everybody.

Friday night, Young Jeezy had a dinner in honor of his 10th year anniversary and also his foundation “Street Dreamz” at 103 West in Atlanta.

And look who was on Jeezy's arm: The Snow Man has been on his grown man tip for a few years now, and it looks like he chose one lady to make his main chick.

It was indeed a private dinner party event, which Jeezy took over to ask his baby-mama to marry him with a beautiful diamond ring.