as well as work appearing in Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris and Interview Magazine.

Schuman has also been commissioned to work on advertisements for various companies such as Gant by Michael Bastian, DKNY Jeans and Nespresso.

He is/was married with a child, but he really is one of the gayest men I have ever met. Not to mention, he is stocky and VERY short (I would say like 5'4), and Garance is quite tall, non?

An anthology of his images were published in 2009 by Penguin and since then has sold over 100,000 copies and has been translated to Korean.

A native of Indiana, Schuman once worked as a sales associate at the 1980s chain Chess King.

I was a tomboy growing up, so when I go back to visit teachers in grade school, they're always surprised I work in fashion now.

But when I was little, I loved being free—running around outside in Adidas shorts and white T-shirts.

When I ask if it’s true that he’s the first fashion blogger to turn over $1m a year, he says: ‘Yay! ‘I like the way he had a hairy manly chest but he’d put a little scarf around his neck — it’s an interesting mix of masculine and feminine.

’ But quickly adds that the neat thing is that he doesn’t have to ‘kiss up to the big brands’ and can fund his own trips. Plus, I’d never seen him before.’ A couple of hours prior to this, we talked over coffee in a nearby café.

My mother was always the creative one in our family—but she was also super-thrifty.

So every weekend, she'd take us to the antique markets.

He is well known for photographing what have been described as 'real people.' Schuman began his site with the hopes of connecting fashion and everyday street life.