Oh, God, I can’t even tell you how long that went on.

A couple of years or more.” Years later, she met her current husband, who is in a California prison on a bad rap, says Torres.

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By the summer of 2007, Aren was living a happy life with his wife, Tia Torress in Agua Dulce, California.

Agent Dorsey admitted that the man in the video footage was none other than A. With all the evidence, he was arrested in 2007 and is still in the prison.

Despite immense love and care, the couple has gone through adamant situations.

Torres is still struggling to a hike to release her husband for a very long time.

Some have massacred each other on social networks, accusations of "husband stealer", "nacas", (low class) "sluts", "whores", or "super sluts".

Always armed with luxury bags, which can be Moschino, Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, they frequent shopping malls, traveling - in Mexico and abroad - and they own the dance floor in the most fashionable clubs in Culiacan and in the narcofiestas.

We can not say that Tia and Aren live a fairy tale life without any problems as there are still complications, but the one thing that will never change is the love and support that they have for each other.

Everything was going on smoothly until Aren was arrested in the year 2007 for property theft.

Something they have in common, these women who rushed towards death: they are artfully beautiful, they look cheap, wear expensive jewelry and clothes, travel in luxury cars, theirs or others, and have friends, boyfriends, husbands or lovers who are narcos.