Most fans take an interest in the love lives of their favorite celebrities.

Who is singer sade dating video

The rapper looks really happy with Sade nestled under his arm, making fans think she might be Drake’s new girlfriend in 2017.

Whether or not the two are actually dating is not known at this time.

Some think Sade and Drake are about to release new music… taken-by=niki23gtr This tattoo proved one of two things for most people: (1) either Drake definitely is dating Sade; or (2) Drake is a super groupie fan for the beautiful, talented “Sweetest Taboo” singer. taken-by=champagnepapi By the way, his “Two very important ladies in my life” caption didn’t help to calm the rumors either…just saying.

But the main rumor that quickly made headlines across many blogs, is that Sade done pulled a ‘Toni Braxton and Birdman’ move, and that she and Drake are officially dating. To add fuel to the fire, two days later Drake’s tattoo artist, Niki Norberg, posted an Instagram photo of Drake’s new tattoo- Sade’s face tatted down the left side of his torso, with her autograph underneath! I don’t know what the deal is behind their sighting together, but really, “is it a crime” that Drake is inked up with Sade’s face, or that he took a very looking pic with himself, his mother, and Sade looking like a happy ‘meet the family’ moment? Anyways, like we said Sade’s son responded to the rumors…

She grew up listening to soul legends—Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye—and wanted to be a drummer before becoming convinced that she'd be a writer. "I wanted to do painting but I ended up in fashion 'cause I wanted to make a living out of it, to have a trade, which was very much how I was brought up.

But I didn't fit in, I wasn't reverent about fashion, I didn't love it at all." By chance something else happened to rescue her from frustration.

We know #OBJ is #Drake’s #1 #roadie, maybe he’s finally moving on. Our source tells us this has been happening on the low down for a little while.

Our source tells us, “Pilar really likes Odell’s energy, she enjoys spending time with him, makes her feel young and alive” says our source. Check out the Prime-time couple below.-TO A post shared by Terez Owens (@terezowens) on “Odell seems like a really great guy, but we are not in any type of relationship and to address the other rumors I’ve been dating him for a while, I literally just met him during the concert.

She's been out of the spotlight for eight years, yet never out of the charts.

She's sold 50 millions records and doesn't need to work again.

Drake has always been famous for his relationships.