Based on the novel by Gloria Naylor, which deals with several strong-willed women who live in a rundown housing project on Brewster Place in an unidentified eastern city; across three ... Louis, Missouri, Josephine Baker was born poor, but achieved fame and fortune through her sizzlingly exotic and erotic performances. See full summary » Dave Anderson and Manny Durrell are two high-class sneak thieves who have never been caught.

Joshua Burke is a retired detective who has enough evidence on the both of them to put them ...

The flight was on the tarmac in LA and was about to take off when the 38-year-old Grammy winner lost consciousness.

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There's Victor (Robert Christopher Riley) and Ginger (Lauren London), together since they were kids and now planning their wedding.

Ginger makes more money than Victor does, and he's having a crisis about it.

See full summary » Tracy, an aspiring designer from the slums of Chicago puts herself through fashion school in the hopes of becoming one of the world's top designers.

Her ambition leads her to Rome spurring a choice between the man she loves or her newfound success.

Some of it is so predictable you could set your watch by it, but there is a welcome (and surprising) layer of complexity running through the film that makes it a little bit more than your standard fare. Charlie is a talent agent with a gift for taking care of his clients, diffusing their melt-downs, and seeing the potential in You Tube/Vine/Snapchat stars.

(Brandy shows up in a very entertaining cameo as a diva so committed to her spirituality that for an hour a day her "feet must not be on the earth," so she has hired a bodyguard named Boris to carry her around in his arms.) Charlie's got a great tribe of friends, all of whom get their own story-lines in the film.

However, inconsistency and confusion is a constant problem for women born under this sign.

They aren’t the types who would stick to a single mode of thinking and constantly get swayed.

See full summary » Felix is secretly in love with Ralph. See full summary » Lonely teenager Marc is secretly in love with Olaf, the cool boy-next-door.