class, which she took for her humanities requirement.

Apparently, I came across as a "thug Asian," which is completely understandable if you knew me (or the way I dressed).

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After Christmas, we started meeting for lunches at our school dining hall. I decided that I wanted to ask her out but Mc Kenzie said she wasn't ready.

Just as it seemed my hopes had evaporated, there came news of a "Relationships Conference" at Covenant.

One major wrinkle to their baby news is Baccarin’s custody battle with her estranged husband, writer/director Austin Chick.

Baccarin and Chick were married for three and half years before he filed for divorce in July.

That's what is so interesting about the actor you know as Ben Mc Kenzie.

He'll probably always best be known as Ryan Atwood from , but he's one of those actors who has successfully maintained an aura of mystery about him in a very public industry.

chatted up the duo and asked about their chemistry on set.

Mc Kenzie, 37, revealed that they had actually worked together before when Baccarin, 36, guest-starred alongside Mc Kenzie on The Brazilian beauty was previously married to Austin Chick, an American producer and director.

The series, which will debut it's second season on Monday, September 21st, is a prequel to Batman and chronicles the life of Police Commissioner James Gordon, played by none other than Baccarin's new beau, Mc Kenzie.

The pair both star in the hit show in recurring roles that fell in love over the course of the show's first season.

__Ben: We played on the same middle-school football team.