There's not an ounce of circumspection in his character, and when he gets his unexpected gift, he wants to share it.

They want George to continue to be George, no more, no less, so that he continues to fill the same predictable place in their lives.

A brilliant new George, winning at chess, predicting earthquakes, picking up strange vibes, is disturbing. ” asks Lace (Kyra Sedgwick), the pretty divorced woman George would like to be dating. ” She has the thankless role of the woman who demands an explanation that the audience knows is impossible to give: “I just asked you for one thing, George, and you couldn't handle it!

We see the star-filled sky, and then the letters of the title settle into place with a subtle whoosh. Not long after, the film's hero walks out under the stars and is startled to see some kind of a weird white light, which zaps him from the heavens. After the visitation from the sky, he begins to get smarter. He starts taking out six books a day from the local library and figuring out things that had previously been beyond him.

He's able to learn a foreign language by riffling through a textbook. It is the lament of “Phenomenon” that people do not like the unexpected.

The movie-makers get the crowd they need for the key scene, and you get the experience of being right there on the set!

His son Ocean and her daughter Autumn was from their previous relationship.

Our people love to be on set, dress the part and always come with high enthusiasm, ready for camera.

We were in Boston for 'PATRIOT'S DAY', LAS VEGAS for'JASON BOURNE', SAN FRANCISCO for 'STEVE JOBS' and LOS ANGELES FOR STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON' And we're hoping it won't be long until we're in your town!

The film, which premiered this past January at Sundance, has already met with widespread acclaim, and ever-growing murmurs of Oscar contention have even begun to surface. Working with Bill Cosby and David Simon and the folks over at HBO with . JORDAN: The first time I lost myself in a character, in a role—that was on . There was a scene where Wallace first started snorting stuff as a young drug dealer, and I'm just mimicking. I've seen people sell dope before, but when it comes to that stuff, I had nothing to pull from whatsoever, so he kind of pulled me to the side and coached me through it—you know, the feeling that you get from the top of your head all the way down to your toes, and he really talked to me about losing yourself in that moment: "Forget the cameras are here.

In the meantime, Jordan has kept himself busy with a steady raft of film work. So it doesn't seem like it, but I guess I've been doing it for, like, 13 years. Just block all that stuff out and really focus in on this moment and what you're going through and why you're doing it.

With them, George is able to share his enthusiasm for the daily cascade of discoveries.