I went in to meet them, and when the guy who got the part, Drew Roy, came in, I was just like, "Oh my gosh! He's really sweet and it was my first time having to kiss anyone on the show, so I was nervous about it.

" The ladies in the room were freaking out because he's really cute -- the casting director was holding her heart.

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In the upcoming episode “Been Here All Along,” Miley cancels a planned father-daughter afternoon with Robby Ray so she can go on a date with Jesse (Roy), but she then tries to make amends.

The episode also includes a salute to military families where Miley performs “Been Here All Along” and “I’m Still Good.” 40 special messages from military families will air throughout the evening and will be available with the episode at Disney Channel.com/Salute.

Considering all the hot guest stars she worked with, there is no doubt that she always ended up linking to most of her Nickelodeon co-stars!

However, after i Carly ended in 2012, the casts seemed to go separate ways.

It’s almost like being a child again leading up to Christmas.

That curiosity of knowing something special is in store for you, but you crave to find out the specifics of what is coming your way.

alum, who played bad boy Jesse opposite Miley Cyrus on the last two seasons of the Disney Channel hit, took to Instagram to share the first photo of his and wife Renee‘s newborn son.

Our happy little bundle,” Drew captioned the photo, which you can see below.

-- "i Date a Bad Boy," which airs this Saturday, May 9 at 8 p.m. We have behind the scenes deets, from Miranda's first on-screen kiss to her favorite part of the episode and more!