And maybe because of her Hawaian roots or maybe for some other reason, Dina’s twitter feed says According to his Linked In profile Scott attended Mission San Jose High School-just like Dina- graduating in 1981.Fisher then studied at the University of California in Santa Barbara from 1981-1986 getting both BA in Philosophy and BA in Communication Studies.Clint Eastwood and his estranged wife Dina Eastwood may be involved in a slight case of swinging spouses.

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He played proffesionally during 6 years for the North Melbourne Giants from 1987-1993 in Melbourne, Australia.

He played for the Wildcats for 8 years and in 2001 he change careers working as a Real Sate Sales Agent for Mack Hall and Associates from April 2004.

During one evening swim, he is stung multiple times by the deadly box jellyfish and pronounced dead shortly after his arrival at the hospital.

Ian "miraculously awakens" following a divine post-mortem encounter, however, and is transformed with a new understanding of life.

Fisher played and coached basketball in Australia for years, before returning to the States in 2008. "It's like high school all over again." In the flurry of rumors surrounding her split from the director, Eastwood's ex-wife took to Twitter on Monday, apparently taking the high road.

"I don't like reading negative things about Clint," Dina Eastwood wrote.

Nothing elevates a dressed-down look more than a high fashion bag, as proven by Francesca Eastwood (daughter of movie star Clint).

Mixing and matching trends galore, Francesca donned a pair of sequin trousers, a black crop top, suede fringed jacket, statement platforms and, finally, Saint Laurent's classic monogram bag.

The film, which opened earlier this year in South Africa, has received praise from some viewers, including Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California."I'm very inspired by this film.