He then decided to check himself into rehab for the better of himself, his marriage, and his family.

is a Canadian-American actor best known as a reality television personality with his wife, actress Tori Spelling, and as the host of the cooking competition Chopped Canada.

He played the role of Constable Renfield Turnbull on the TV series Due South.

In her mind, she is the only one that can decide whether or not they will split up.

She could be in for a very rude awakening.' So much at stake: Together the couple have four children - Liam, six, Stella, five, Hattie, two, and 17-month-old Finn - pictured with their mother last November, while Dean also has a 15-year-old son, Jack In a previously-released trailer for the show, former Beverly Hills, 90210 favourite Tori makes the painful admission that she's 'well aware this might not have a happy ending' as the couple make a last-ditch attempt to salvage what's left of their relationship.

Read on for the facts on Mc Dermott’s fling, inside the affair, details on the aftermath of Mc Dermott’s cheating, and some info on Emily Goodhand.

Goodhand revealed to Us Weekly magazine that on December 6 that they met at the Pravda Vodka House but it was after a long dinner and drinking in another bar with a group of friends that Spelling’s husband slipped his room key and a piece of paper with his phone and room numbers in her purse. He was telling me, ‘You’re so beautiful.’ I had to call him on his bullshit, like, ‘Stop saying this stuff.’ He wanted to make me feel really good.Scarlet, Red and Rust are Dean Mc Dermott's lucky colors.Typical positive character traits of Scorpio include: Determination, Self assurance, Appeal and Magnetism.The following year he landed another starring role as Mark Simpson, captain of a fictitious hockey team in Power Play, which ran from 1998-2000.A keen hockey fan in real life, the role was a dream come true. "I get to play an NHL superstar and get paid to do it." His other recurring roles have included Brenton Michaels in long-running sci-fi series Earth: Final Conflict and Alan Coyle in FBI drama 1-800-Missing from 2003-3004.Then the time for talking was over., in couples’ therapy Mc Dermott says that he hadn’t had sex with his wife right before he left and that’s part of the reason he cheated.