You may well know someone this is happening to right now.

Remember, if this does happen to you – it’s never your fault.

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Get Safe Online is warning young males about the webcam scam sex blackmail.

It seems to be targeting youngsters in Avon and Somerset because when I asked about other cases I was told, “The City of London police haven’t been able to provide any further stats, as this is a relatively new type of fraud.” Strange, because it certainly isn’t new and is unlikely to be limited to Avon and Somerset.

We then chatted for a bit on MSN and I could see a video of her.

She was a very beautiful French-looking girl, very pretty.Avon and Somerset Constabulary has dealt with several cases where, following connecting via social networking sites, victims (usually young males) are lured into taking off their clothes in front of their webcam – and sometimes performing sexual acts – which is videoed by the fraudster.The victims are then threatened with blackmail to avoid the video being published online and shared with their contacts.Believe is established cyber sex game online and participating in community outreach program designed to strengthen the group and the expertise of dating relationship coach.Cams thing year, connect the question what live a godly life before making it official if he thought of me first filed for divorce. But there are a few people out there, girls and boys, men and women, who use webcam to try to hurt young people.