I even had an IT friend at my office give it a try over our T-1 line. I'm sure one of you folks have the file, and if you'd be so kind to PM me, I'll provide my email address and would be grateful to have you send it to me. The link to their site is: file I believe I'm interested in is shown in yellow highlight below: Not sure what your going to use that for as this is usally used for recovering passwords...you can get it from the Europe site ...

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However the fundamentals of social interaction, game and personality should never be forgotten.Patients with migraine and subclinical hypothyroidism may see an improvement in their migraine if they receive thyroid treatment, according to a recent study.The research shows that these individuals will have significantly fewer and less severe headaches.If you connect the cameras to a poe switch by its self..will see them. when didn't work I tried the ip in that was in the nvr and it worked....another way is to just put a switch in a side note you can actually put these cameras on the lan interface with the swann software. So if I had said switch, and if I wrote down the IP for each cam per the NVR screen, are you saying that you then accessed via the NVR, or via your computer?if your using the nvr..can plud a switch into the one of the ports of the 8 port switch get the ip out of the nvr and remote inb that way I was hoping to use the Hik S/W, and simply plug a cam into my router and my laptop as well, hopefully be able to ID the IP of the camera, and then log into the cam to access it's menus. It appears that the cameras kept the IP that was assigned via the NVR, and then you used a switch for the cameras, plugged the switch into your router??If you have not yet read through the Attraction Pillars PDF I suggest you enter your name and email in the form above to receive it free.