You can play games, listen to music, watch videos, explore beautiful virtual environments and even make money.Chatting can be done either by typing or by talking. Most users prefer to type, at least in the public areas. The view is from behind the avatar, but you can also have the first person view (looking from the eyes of the character).

Use cam and voice to get to know your chat partner even better.

Simulation with almost 10 million registered users online.

He had demoed a virtual “toybox” hangout at the social network’s annual conference a few months earlier, slipping on an Oculus headset in front of a crowd of developers to share 360-degree photos of London with his colleague, Michael Booth. Schroepfer later revealed that virtual reality meetings like that one, although less performative, were a common occurrence at the company — the VR team held them every Friday afternoon.

The prospect of virtual reality conference calls might seem incredibly futuristic, if not dystopic.

It is a great place for chatting with friends and meeting new people.

In addition to socializing, Second Life offers a lot of fun activities.

With a unique game economy and credit system, IMVU offers great visuals, an amazing fun filled game-play experience and a lot of other things to discover.

In an interview at Code Conference earlier this summer, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer took a moment to wax poetic about the possibilities of virtual reality.

With over 3 million online users, IMVU is one of the biggest names in the line of Virtual World gaming platforms.