Anyone knows a way to validate a SOAP XML request against a WSDL defined web services?

I am using Apache Axis's WSDL2Java tool to generate java code based on a given WSDL.

As usual, there is a new Git Hub project waiting in our tutorial repository – if you want to give it a try.

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Hello everyone, I use Soap Request Reply (http) and when I receive the response, get the error: Output data invalid, undeclared attribute "type". Is it possible disable SOAP validation, maybe in the designer.tra?

"RPC/encoded: The Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I) in its Basic Profile Version 1.0a of August 2003 ruled out the use of SOAP encoding with web services" if the abive is true in your case then your approch of disabling the validation is correct :) .

In such cases, the integrator may decide to offer the user a picklist and let them proceed in a similar fashion to the address search process above or simply to ignore the picklist and use the address as originally entered (in order to minimise user interaction).

The Do Can Search action may be called for the Verification engine, but it is unlikely that this extra step in the workflow will be useful: the page can simply perform a search and process the results as required.

if you are using rpc encoded style of wsdl's then there could be a problem as this is not a supported style.

Other way that it go, is (for someone who need it): Add the follow property in the file bwengine.xml: <property kk_yala, I have to say you: THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! how can you guarantee that you are recieving a valid soap response message?

Given a request that could be processed successfully, our response will always be 100% XML schema compliant.

We only have to follow this blog series first part´s guidelines and generate the Java classes from our WSDL and XSDs.

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