For pugixml the compromise is as follows: any well-formed document often has to be transformed in certain ways by the time it reaches the user.

validating parser software sax-22

While the techniques were used for an parser, most of them can be applied to parsers of other formats or even unrelated software (e.g., memory management algorithms are widely applicable beyond parsers).

Since there are several substantially different approaches to syntax while validating parsers can check data semantics as well).

Even a non-validating parser has to do some relatively resource-intensive validation work.

When performance is the primary goal, a compromise must be reached between performance and conformance.

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The choice of validation method depends on the additional functionality required in the validation application.

as an underlying format for application data model more preferable.

This chapter describes various performance tricks that allowed the author to write a very high-performing parser in C : pugixml.

The interface to the parser is based on the SAX (Simple API for XML) specification.

A SAX parser reads the input file and checks it for correctness.

SAXParser is recommended if SAX parsing event notification is required in addition to validation with a schema.