Can it compete with dedicated Blu-ray disc or rival HD-DVD players as a home theater component? It's almost unfair to ignore one of the primary features of the PS3 in this evaluation (its gaming capabilities), but because of the price point and feature set, many non-gamers are drawn to the Play Station 3.

And these people want to know whether they'll be satisfied with the performance and ergonomics of the PS3 as a pure home theater/movie playback device.

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updating playstation 3 blu ray-16

It's a remarkable piece of forward planning by the Play Station division that not only gives its black box an edge in the war with Microsoft's Xbox 360, but also lends the 3D movement a much needed leg up, effectively putting a 3D Blu-ray player in millions of homes around the world.

Sony really wants their Play Station franchise to continue to dominate the gaming market.

Sony has come good on its promise to turn the ubiquitous PS3 console into a 3D Blu-ray player by way of a free firmware update.

No cost; no catches; your console just went fully 3D.

For Windows users, you must drag and drop the updated executable to the root directory of your RPCS3 folder.

Moving over other files is not necessary and may overwrite user settings.

But they also want their fledgling high definition movie format, the Blu-ray Disc to become the de facto successor to the mighty DVD.

So Sony made a choice, early on in the development of the Play Station 3 (PS3) - to tie the gaming system and the new disc format together, effectively staking the fate of one on the success or failure of the other.

Checked NA forums people with 3 month old ps3 are having same problems and now on EU forums there are reports of the same thing happening.