I'm posting this for a friend that is a little older, and not tech savvy at all, and I'm ok with stuff like this, so I'm trying to help him out.

His issue is that some newer Blu Rays that he rents won't play at all.

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It should be easy to spot as it has the “.frm” extension.

The disc must be created with ISO9660 format, which is not supported by the standard Vista writing application. After the disc is ready, insert it in the player and wait.

My Panasonic SA-BT200 Blu-Ray dvd player will only play Blu-Ray Dvd's. This is either caused by a fault in the laser/lens/drive itself which is leaving the laser misaligned and unable to read the disk or it is caused by dirt in the drive effecting the lens.

It was working fine before, and playing non-Blu-Ray dvd's, but now, whenever I put a regular DVD in, it says "NO Disc," on the tv screen, and it won't play. There is a Laser cleaning CD or DVD that you can purchase from any audio shop - its not expensive and useful to have around anyway.

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First of all, check the firmware version currently installed on the device.

If it's an earlier version, click the link on the names above to get the most recent update.

Any input/advice at all would be greatly appreciated. While it is theoretically possible that he needs a firmware update to fix the disc issue, there are no guarantees that his problem is really firmware related or that an update will even fix it. I rent Blu Rays via Netflix and they sometimes arrive cracked.