Now let’s just hope Verizon hasn’t locked down the programming menu of the phone too badly and I will be able to program in the Alltel network id and update the phone’s PRL to pick up Alltel’s towers.

I will update this post with my progress in the coming days.

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Devoted Black Berry smartphone users will probably find much to like about the updated Play Book; we did.

Editors' note: This review has been updated since the original publish date with ratings after receiving final software for the product. Research In Motion's first foray in the world of the touch-screen smartphones wasn't exactly a smashing success.

- How do I download and install Data Vault for Black Berry?

- How do I download and install Data Vault for Windows?

If you're a Black Berry devotee and crave a touch screen, the Storm 2 is a fine choice; otherwise we'd recommend waiting to see what the other devices have to offer.

The RIM Black Berry Storm 2 will be available starting October 28 for 9.99 with a two-year contract and after a 0 mail-in rebate.

The RIM Black Berry Storm was riddled with bugs and performance issues, which were resolved with subsequent software updates, but still, the damage had been done.

However, there are high hopes that the RIM Black Berry Storm 2 will wash away all those bad memories and start afresh, and in many ways it does, but we still have our reservations.

Reviewers Internet-wide, including us here at Computer Shopper, were largely unimpressed with the Black Berry maker's first hack at the tablet market. This solidly built 7-inch tablet had some impressive hardware, but its weak operating system (OS) and lackluster selection of apps added up to a half-baked product. The Black Berry Play Book has a lower—much lower—price of 9, compared with the original 9, and a new-and-improved operating system.