As of Hotfix H576, the Price Update feature will pass updates regardless of the method used to change them (Scripts, automated and manual imports, manual changes and Direct Database updates), provided that Price has a specific Source and Sub Source value for that channel.Please note that in order for the Magento Price Update feature to work, you need to have our Linn Live Magento extension installed on your Magento and have your Magento channel integrated in Linn Live.

command, I get the following: [email protected]Magento-2-0-2-2:/opt/bitnami/apps/magento/htdocs$ composer update Loading composer repositories with package information Updating dependencies (including require-dev) Your requirements could not be resolved to an installable set of packages.

Problem 1 - Installation request for magento/product-community-edition 2.1.1 - satisfiable by composer/composer[1.0.0-beta1] but these conflict with your requirements or minimum-stability. I've applied the MV532 patch, as well as tried numerous other things.

Having a really stupid problem when updating magento 2.1.6 to 2.1.7 its asking for Php xdebug extension to be installed, well xdebug should be installed on development site only not on live or production site and my website is live if i install xdebug on my live site it can cause security and performance issue on my server which is not acceptable, so this is really stupid requirement for magento, does anyone know how to possible get rid of this issue and update magento 2.1.7 @terrybakshi thank you for your feedback.

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Best Regards, Juan Ariza Source: I was able to update my magento version without any errors.

Magento 2 has some pretty neat updates from Magento 1. LESS is a CSS pre-pocessor scripting language (you can use functions/variables for your CSS) that creates compiled CSS files.

With Magento 2 and developer mode set (more on dev vs production and css later), you more or less (lol) follow the above work flow.

However you’re here because you’ve done the above and used Magento’s deploy command to refresh the css files without luck.

This extension also allows you to export all your stock into a csv file. You will then be able to define one or more email addresses to receive the reports in Send the reports to. Then you can define the File name of the sql file and the Directory to store the sql file. When the Shell mode (or sh mode) is enabled, no stocks are updated. You'll have to execute the sql file through a shell script.

This extension includes a task scheduler that automates the stocks update. By choosing FTP server, you'll need to fill in the different fields to access the file via FTP.

In native Magento this can be a feature, but it was a bug if you want to provide customer life update, upgrade for same item or bug fix for same item.