We are not liable for any data loss, hardware damage or liability in any way. If you are reading the information on this website you most likely have a hard drive making a clicking sound or another funny noise.

You may need to open your computer’s case to check, but you should verify that it is in fact the hard drive making the noise and not a fan or optical drive.

One of the common hard drive faults that comes up time and time again is a hard drive clicking sound.

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The fundamental design principle behind SSHDs is to identify data elements that are most directly associated with performance (frequently accessed data, boot data, etc.) and store these data elements in the NAND flash memory.

This has been shown to be effective in delivering significantly improved performance over the standard HDD.

Dual-drive hybrid systems combine the usage of separate SSD and HDD devices installed in the same computer.

Overall performance optimizations are managed in one of three ways: The term SSHD is a more precise term than the more general hybrid drive, which has previously been used to describe SSHD devices and non-integrated combinations of solid-state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives.

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Working as an IT Professional, I often have to resolve hard drive faults and failures.

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In computing, a hybrid drive is a logical or physical storage device that combines a fast storage medium such as NAND flash solid-state drive (SSD) with a hard disk drive (HDD), with the intent of adding some of the speed of flash storage to the cost-effective storage capacity of traditional HDDs.

The purpose of the SSD in a hybrid drive is to act as a cache for the data stored on the HDD, improving the overall performance by keeping copies of the most frequently used data on the faster SSD.

Some of the hard drive clicking sounds are normal sounds for the drive, some are due to software or drivers, some are due to other hardware issues and sometimes, unfortunately, the hard drive clicking sound may be due to a mechanical (or system board) fault on the hard drive itself.