The only drawback we noticed is that the interface tends to be a bit slowish, every operation has a certain delay.

updating lg viewty-74

it is so bad now, that every time i take a picture with this phone, i have to plug it into a pc in order to view it, because it simply can't "see" it!

forget about just dumping your movie-collection onto this phone, as you first have to convert it using the supplied divx-converter in order for it to be able to play, and then only at the lowest (and most rediculous) resolution on offer to play back on a device with a supposed 480 x 800 resolution!

Google usually updates its Android OS and there is potentially one for the Marshall London.

So that you can complete the upgrade, you must go to the Settings menu on your Marshall London. Right after that press Update System or you will find a button that enables you to search for the newest update available.

Download the latest Windows XP Vista 7 8 Windows 8.1 Windows 10 LG KE850 Prada USB Drivers to connect LG KE850 Prada to the computer.

This package contains the files for installing the USB Driver for all Windows XP Vista 7 8 LG KE850 Prada Mobile Phones.Among those there is a Weather widget, which periodically retrieves information about your local weather conditions.There is also a Contacts widgets, which offers image-based quick dial pad.), which even back in august had plenty of material for me to go through!anyway, i bought the phone and equipped it with a 16GB micro SD card and dumped coupple of hundret songs, almost 10000 picture-files and a few dozen movie files on it! and that's where the trouble began: the filesystem can't handle that many files!What if, instead of scouring forums and ancient websites, you could get the right drivers for your PC in just 3 clicks?