Another complain coming from user who use Onedrive for business many files not synced correctly we have to move the file out of Onedrive folder first, after the folder fully sync (green check mark icon) we have put back the files that having problem with sync and most of the time this workaround work file.

The problem is we need more time to do this and this is not acceptable. Recently we received an email from our UK office asking us to upgrade manually to office 2016 before February 2016.

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Updating from office 2016 video

Since upgrading my main desktop to Windows 10, I began having trouble with my Office 2013 installation.

I would get the "swirling circle" and the "application has stopped responding" error messages very frequently. Hi there I think this comment is allowed - there is an NDA but I think this is OK.

Microsoft just released its first update to its new Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac client.

This is a bit surprising being that it’s only been a few weeks since it went RTM on July 9th, 2015.

The latest update installs OFFICE 2016 just fine and works OK.

Office 2010 is left untouched so you can run BOTH concurrently.

During this times we received many complain on Excel from power user that using excel everyday with complex formula.

They found many times excel hangs/stop responding and many of them feel better using excel 2010.

They also complain sometimes files that saved in Onedrive folder just gone without reason. This is to avoid auto upgrade on February for all computer who subscribe to office 365 program which can flood out communication line with huge traffic, and here’s the story begin.

They already saved the files on that folder but when next time they need to open it was not there. If you wonder what is the feature of office 2016, you can see it here: sent us offline installation files for office 2016, the size is about 1GB.

It's recommend that you use automatic updatingbut if you choose not to, be sure to check for updates at least once a week.