The instructions say you did everything right, but the software or instructions may be wrong.

BTW, another thing that puzzles my mind is why some people from the USA say about 1118, 1120 firmware version while mine (while on the USA region) shows 1114 as the newest??? It's proven that firmware from different region could brick TV, but I don't know if Argentinian and US models are really different ones.

Anyway it's probably safer to follow Samsung's advice and update with original country set.

**In some cases there will be no firmware listed and the website will show: “Unfortunately, this information isn't currently available for this product.” This is normal.

This means the website cannot find any firmware assigned to the model so the information is not available.

I'm having problem using the Spotify software on my Samsung F6475 tv.

Some months ago I could use it without any problem but now I can't even login.

As expected, they are part of Samsung's Smart TV class, granting you the possibility to access the Internet and browse using a proprietary web-application.

The Smart Hub puts everything at your fingertips and lets you search access your favorite content with ease.

In there, I noticed that the Netflix app (v4) crashes on a black screen back to the HUB.