This is not because you are not expected to use them, but because django CMS should not impose unnecessary choices about what to install upon its adopters.

The most significant of these removals is , a CKEditor-based Text Plugin.

However, this is really slow, as it does two queries for each object.

Instead, it would be great to: Those familiar with Django may recognise that there is only one step here that cannot be done as of “now”. There are two ways I can think of doing it (at least with Postgres): The avantage of this is that it mostly just uses the ORM.

The ability to see when someone else is making changes on the same piece of content or is accessing the same instance of an object helps us avoid over-writes and conflicts, and work more efficiently.

However, while adding realtime collaboration to your application is possible it may not be applicable for some types of workflow and applications.

I have to insert lots of objects, but if there is already an object in a given “slot”, then I need to instead update that existing object.

Doing this using the Django ORM can be done one a “one by one” basis, by iterating through the objects, finding which one (if any) matches the criteria, updating that, or creating a new one if there wasn’t a match.

In this guest blog post Aaron Bassett talks about how and why he built django-pusherable, a mixin library for Django Class-based views that makes it easy to add real-time notifications to your Django apps.

Aaron Bassett is a freelance developer and technology strategist who is most comfortable with Python and Coffee Script, but is a bit of a programming polyglot.

We’ve added better HTML editors, access control layers, publishing workflows, and so on.