Your anti-virus software as well your browsers are also at risk if not kept current and properly patched.

Having the latest software version means your computer or device will be not only be more secure but will also perform better and be more reliable. See also: Updating Your Computer (Win 7) and Windows Update FAQ (Win 8) and Windows 10 (Nov update) FAQ.

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* A special note for managed computers: Computers managed with Big Fix receive OS and application patches remotely.

It is still important to restart your computer regularly.

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Running the most current version of your browser is key to protecting your computer against Internet threats like spyware and other nefarious hacker exploits. Note that some browsers will always check for the latest version.

Here is a list of the top four browsers and how they handle updates: The Brown community is generally notified of new software or updates to it via Morning Mail.For more information about ITS'managed computer service, see the Managed Computer Support web page.New malware is generated round-the-clock, threatening your computer or device, its operating system, and the software/apps installed on it.If you've never been prompted to do this, your computer and applications may not be configured to notify you when updates are available.Submit a ticket to the ITS Support Center for assistance to make sure you are able to receive and install updates as appropriate.Some general guidelines: Restarting your computer: Some updates require you to restart your computer for them to go into effect, and you may not be notified when this is the case.