RPM), or actually install the image for your bootloader.

updating bios in ubuntu-21

fwupd is not magic, it still needs to connect to an online repository to download and install the new firmware, which in this case is Linux Vendor Firmware Service or LVFS. is a simple daemon to allow session software to update device firmware on your local machine.

fwupd should work in Ubuntu as well For now, the new tool is still being developed, and it’s also dependent on the Linux Vendor Firmware Service, which is an online resource where hardware makers can upload the new firmware.

I've been having some boot problems with it so I have Ubuntu and booted from the Drive.

I wanted to update my BIOS to fix this issue but I don't have my product key so I looked up the website ( HP website that is ) and it could detect my product key so I tried it and it said that it only works for Windows and underneath that, it said that I should install Any of the following ( Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Chrome) browsers and I thought that I could use wine to run IE 8.

Both sadly seems not to be the case for your ASUS notebook.

We are offered various versions of the Windows software to upgrade our flash memory.

You can either use a GUI software manager like GNOME Software to view and apply updates, the command-line tool or the system D-Bus interface directly.

Usage: fwupdmgr [OPTION...] clear-results Clears the results from the last update dump-rom Dump the ROM checksum get-details Gets details about a firmware file get-devices Get all devices that support firmware updates get-results Gets the results from the last update get-updates Gets the list of updates for connected hardware install Install a firmware file on this hardware install-prepared Install prepared updates now refresh Refresh metadata from remote server unlock Unlocks the device for firmware access update Updates all firmware to latest versions available verify Gets the cryptographic hash of the dumped firmware verify-update Update the stored metadata with current ROM contents Help Options: -h, --help Show help options Application Options: -v, --verbose Show extra debugging information --offline Perform the installation offline where possible --allow-reinstall Allow re-installing existing firmware versions --allow-older Allow downgrading firmware versions Devices using LVFS for firmware updates This list shows all the updates that have been pushed to the stable metadata.

Using CD, upgrade is possible from BIOS menu using 'Firmware Upgrade' without using below tools. Make sure however, that you always get the BIOS executable and NOT the Windows executable.