” But still, this wasn’t how I’d rehearsed the conversation in my head.Lily and I have been together for nine years; married for three.

I’d been lured down to a chilly Cornwall for Easter by my friend with talk of her boyfriend’s ‘single surfing mates’ – though it transpired that all but one were coupled up.

And that one was quite clearly, quite spectacularly, gay – as I declared in my column afterwards: ‘So camp that even my notoriously useless gaydar clocked he wasn’t straight’.

” I tried to sound persuasive and matter-of-fact but it came out as a winced question.

“ And then you want to write about it for our family and friends to read? It was never going to be a straightforward proposition, like, “do you want a cup of tea?

Dating at such a rate soon took its toll and cynicism set in.

I stopped making any effort; I didn’t wear make-up so it wouldn’t need removing, didn’t drink so I wouldn’t be hung over and saved my nicest clothes for nicer occasions, such as dinner with friends.We’re best friends, love each other to bits and have a great relationship.There’s just one thing: we have markedly different libidos. Lily is more of a lazy Sunday morning kind of woman. This sexual inequality was masked in the passionate early days of our relationship when, like most new couples, we did it constantly.If you're not dating next year, check out the list anyway for a top notch collection ideas of things to do and places to go.Do you find yourself out of the "dating loop" because of the age or lifestyle? Even though 2busy2is 100% free online dating service it does not mean it's a low quality one! We developed our "dating watch dog" software that detects, analyzes and removes all inappropriate members.In hindsight I had no idea who I wanted, only a fanatical conviction that the thunderbolt would hit me, and that as a dating connoisseur I would know when I met the One.