Once the chicks hatch, their feeding and learning to fly will be streamed live, too.

Ospreys are fearsome fish hunters whose wing spans can reach five or six feet.

Over the past 10 to 15 years, web cams of raptors such as eagles and falcons or other wild creatures have revolutionized how people watch wildlife. Until the web cams became available, scientists trying to learn of raptor habits had to do it the hard way perched with binoculars in hard-to-reach spots.

and off she went....then returned to nest quickly..

Nanny cams may have gotten their name from parents who want to spy on caretakers.

They are very chatty and social around the nest with calls and coos.

“We are using the most advanced technology to make this majestic wild bird accessible in a way that no photographer could from the ground,” said Cindy Margulis, executive director of Golden Gate Audubon, organizer of the project.

They can also serve as an extra set of eyes when your kids are in other rooms.

If you like to know what’s happening when you’re away or out of sight, you can shop for a number of "nanny-cams" with remote access, video recording, and more.They must gain weight in preparation for their migration. Now the eyes slowly become more yellow, like adult osprey eyes.Guided by instincts to head south and find their wintering grounds, the young female osprey will venture forth more often, expanding her flight and hunting skills. Enjoy these last days of viewing the newest Osprey Famlily, another successful year for the Arboretum nest. On the morning of July 30, the surviving osprey chick was jumping and hopping...But their migratory patterns do not include a family "road trip." Rather, the adult female is typically the first to depart in mid to late August.Although she is still on the nest occasionally, the female's focus is now on feeding herself to build strength for the long trip ahead.It has served to protect the island and its residents from many storms over the past 100 years and it is also a great place to enjoy the beachfront!