On the premiere episode, there's only a hint of why Cameron is so passionate about defending her clients from injustice. And I love that Joan and Tony wanted to have a trans character on TV.

Their son, Tom " So yes, the creators of "Doubt" did originally write the role of Cameron as transgender. We wanted to show a transgender person who was a badass lawyer, really smart, and it wasn't about their transgender identity.

“They’re the best people in the world,” Whoopi Goldberg says about the cast of “Strut,” her new Oxygen show that follows a group of models signed to Slay Model Management, an exclusively transgender modeling agency.

"I was reading the script and I knew they wanted me," Cox told Business Insider during the Television Critics Association press tour last month.

"I’m used to it being a trans character, being obviously trans," she continued.

For the first time, contestants who were mid-transition featured on the dating show and showed off their bodies.

Nineteen-year-old Felix who is transitioning from female to male and Isobel, 22, who is transition from male to female, both appeared on the show, looking for love and not at all shy about whipping their kit off to find it.

mental health campaign, the Yemen crisis, life in the Calais Jungle as well as a profile of a man who is turning himself into a cyborg.

Television, historically, has not been a welcoming place for transgender people.

Still, controversy surrounding trans casting persists. When Matt Bomer was cast as a transgender sex worker in the film “Anything,” Mark Ruffalo, who executive produced the film, responded to blacklash over the fact that they did not cast a transgender actor.

Jazz first rose to the spotlight at a young age explored the challenges faced by being young and transgender and the struggles that comes with it.

Though the reality modeling genre was carved out by “Top Model,” don’t expect “Strut” to look anything like “ANTM,” as the show has more of docuseries format, rather than a reality competition. He declared, “Please give transgender talent a chance. “So no, I don’t think you have to be transgender,” she says.