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You are here and your sweetheart is there...either across a crowded room or across a continent. When your partner was close, you'd have to get up, go over, reach out and touch them; when they were far away, you'd have to email, sext or Skype.

But that was before technology made distance (somewhat) obsolete.

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That’s been a mystery but a Swedish study has investigated the issue, providing what, as far as I know, are the only real data on the subject.

Researchers at the Karolinska Institute (the university that awards Nobel Prizes) surveyed a random sample of 2,450 Swedes age 18 to 60.

A large proportion of the evidence we received was from individuals and organisations arguing in favour of the introduction of a sex buyer law in England and Wales.

This would represent a significant policy change in that it would criminalise prostitution, by making the purchase of sexual services illegal.

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