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Among the dozens of countries listed on the site, the website features 4,591 feeds from the U. K., as well as 563 from Hong Kong and 182 from China.

Officials in several countries are urging webcam owners to change their passwords to block access to the hackers.

Brazen Russian hackers are hijacking office and home computer webcams in 250 countries and streaming the private scenes live on a website, officials have revealed.

Footage from webcams in bedrooms, nurseries and in gyms are being shared with thousands of "peeping Toms" watching actions unfold without the knowledge of those being filmed by their own webcams.Alternatively, if you’re deaf or hard of hearing you can contact us using British Sign Language (BSL) through Sign Video.Please see the Sign Video tab on our accessibility page for more information.Of course I’ve heard of identity theft, and of cyber hacking, but honestly, my attitude towards these things was very much “it could never happen to me.” And even if it did…I didn’t exactly understand why it was such a huge deal.Couldn’t you just explain to people what had happened, prove who you were, and sort it all out?Email our security team (monitored only during business hours).