Some integrations of such a set-up can allow the phones to take SLR-level pictures, with much more depth and clarity than those taken with a single camera.But it also means that the camera bulge that sticks out of the back of the i Phone 6 is set to continue onto the new phone, if leaked photos of the case are to be believed.This isn't a problem for most Android phones with the camera mounted the normal way, but with the 5X, it makes the camera image appear upside-down.

Facebook is to release a new ‘Photo Magic’ tool that will scan through the pictures on its users’ cameras to tell them which photos to share.

The tool, which will be integrated with Facebook Messenger, is intended to help people find old pictures and share them with the people that are in them.

Should your date catch you baring your teeth, claim that you just got a funny text from a pal.5. Hop on the "telemedicine" trend and get medical advice on the go.

"Many of my patients requiring skin surgery are young and travel a lot for business," says dermatologist Ralph Braun. Whether he's your long-term boyfriend or the delicious guy you recently started dating, he'll love this superseductive surprise: Send him a photo of your bed with the following text message: "Meet me here in an hour...." 7. Can't find your bud in a crowded place, whether it's the mall or a downtown area of your city?

In an instant, they'll get your miles-away message.2. Say you find a fab new couch for your apartment but need your roommate's approval first. Or if you're trying to find a paint color that will match perfectly with your duvet cover, take a picture of your bedding and bring it with you to the store. While you might use a regular digi-cam to take shots of potential dresses or other big benchmarks, a camera phone becomes a great tool for those unexpected moments of inspiration."I know someone who was walking her dog and saw a flower that she wanted in her bouquet..she had no idea what type it was," recounts Gail Oliver, coauthor of Weddings with Style. The new (and much more discreet) way to check if you have food in your teeth is to whip out your camera phone and take a shot of your choppers.

Another hint: Rather than guessing how to set up your furniture and configure the space, take pictures of various displays in the store, and use that as a blueprint for your own pad. "So she took a picture on her phone and showed it to her florist later." You also can use your phone to remember the name of a particularly good bottle of wine you'd like to serve at the reception if you take a photo of its label.4. To be more clandestine, bend your head down and smile into the camera or screen's reflection.

The feature allows cameras to take much deeper, more detailed photos by taking two photos next to each other, rather than one.

But new detail from reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo restates that prediction and says that the new camera will be limited to the bigger phone but there won’t be a single-camera version.

It's annoying because it makes the image seem upside down if you're trying to scan a barcode or take a picture within an app.