The police were directed to the missing girl by the victim.

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Lady Scott said she believed “justice is best served” by allowing him to walk free.

She called the girl an “active participant” in the sexual activity and there was no “predatory conduct” or grooming.

Modern Scottish liturgies place increasing emphasis on marriage as revealing the love and character of God.

The decision to put this into process was not arrived at lightly.

Buckingham Palace has denied rumours that there is cause for concern over the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh's health, after an emergency meeting at Buckingham Palace caused Twitter to wildly speculate.

The BBC's royal correspondent, Peter Hunt, said that the meeting isn't related to the wellbeing of either the Queen or the Duke.

She also admitted that four glasses of wine would not normally intoxicate her to that level, and said of the photograph: 'It looks like my hair.' But she denied recognising the young man in the photograph.

A couple’s sexual relationship is something they work out for themselves.

How often you have sex, when and what you do is personal to your relationship.