Bechdel was introduced as “the daughter of two English teachers”—to polite laughter. She is the author of “Dykes to Watch Out For,” a cartoon strip that ran for twenty-five years, between 19, in more than fifty alternative newspapers, and of “Fun Home” (2006), a best-selling graphic memoir of her father, Bruce.“Fun Home” was the first and only work of its kind to be a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle award. REAL FOR ME:integrity, character, beliefs, awareness. Maybe we can see the Lights of Franklin's Tower while walking the beach during sunset! Maybe if we are lucky, all hate spreaders will get a terminal infection in their mouths! I don't like sharing my partner, and I firmly believe if you don't mind me dating others then you probably are not into me the way I would need you to be.

The subject, as Bechdel noted, isn’t exactly “a laugh riot.” She described it to the audience as the story of “how my closeted gay dad killed himself a few months after I came out to my parents as a lesbian.”Bechdel’s lecture, which she illustrated with snapshots from her family albums, discussed the latest installment of her autobiography, “Are You My Mother?

” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), which will be published next month.

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The title, however, gives you an idea of what Bechdel is up to.

She borrowed it from a beloved but unsettling children’s book by P. Eastman, published fifty years ago, in which a baby bird, which hatches while its mother is off catching worms, leaves the nest in an anxious search for the missing parent it has never seen, asking a variety of creatures—a cow, a dog, a kitten, and, finally, a power shovel—if they are she.

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