“Why are there two mommies and no daddy in Olivia’s family? Kids are increasingly aware of same-sex relationships and may even wonder about same-sex marriage, which is legal in many states.And while this might feel like a loaded question—a complicated version of “the birds and the bees”—it’s really not. ’ replied Jess, her voice wavering on the last word as she burst into tears, too.

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Venter was sceptical‚ noting there had been previous warnings issued to East Coast Radio and decided that a fine was appropriate.

The offended listener‚ who was not identified by her full name in the ruling‚ suggested that controversial‚ inappropriate‚ explicit topics and conversations should not be allowed during certain hours. I’m sure if the show is so successful‚ the listeners will listen to it‚ no matter what the time.”The radio station was warned that “should the same kind of contravention recur in future‚ the sanction could increase exponentially if the circumstances so dictate”.

Jessica picked Ken up, and tapped Barbie’s head with his head, making them kiss. Also, it seemed mean to send innocent children to jail when there was a chance they’d accidentally glimpsed their Grandpa’s East Enders feature called ‘SEX IN THE SQUARE!

I wasn’t a hundred per cent sure of the significance of putting Barbie, whom we’d dressed in a neon yellow denim mini and a lilac rubber bra (pinched from Ariel), into the same plastic pink canopied space as topless, pleather trousered Ken, but aged seven, I was fairly confident that this was adult territory and not what Mattel had manufactured their dolls for. ‘Did you know, you’re not supposed to know about sex until you’re 16? ’ I immediately started weeping, hysterically and lavishly. I spent two sleepless weeks lying in bed, tensed against the knock on the door from the local constabulary, until I realised that everyone else at school clearly knew something of the facts of life, and none of them talked about being on day release.

Meanwhile Janet Street Porter revealed she was losing her virginity while her mum was in hospital.

’ But Jess’s words gave me a fear hangover, which meant that I was terrified of accidentally letting anyone know what I knew.

Answer only the question your child asked, then wait. Young kids often say they want to marry their friends—or even you! ” simplicity is best: “Yes, in many states in the country, they can.” Ease into the toughest query.

If you hear “Wait…how do two mommies have a baby without a daddy?

A group of us were jammed into the corner of the kitchen when someone asked if any of us had seen a T-shirt with one of those top 20 lists of euphemisms for masturbation. I asked another woman in the group if she had a name for it.

She smiled and said, “I call it ‘The last time I saw Elvis.'” We tried to come up with others, such as tying knots, twirling, ring around the rosy, but none sounded right. So I did what every modern mother does — I invited a focus group of mothers I know over for a virtual cup of coffee.

” relax—you still don’t have to talk about sex, says Brown Braun. Tell your child that because it takes cells from both a male and a female to make a baby, two mommies have to go to a doctor for help.