When I was a younger lad, no amount of confidence, muscle mass, humor or fashion sense could save me from the inevitable occasional friend-zone, and this was primarily due to my lack of height, not my attitude.Sure I landed a date here and there, and had a few LTRs, but whenever height was bought up in conversation it was almost always negative, no matter how much a woman was into me.

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The paradox of being an older female single in the Reformed camp.

:) But the joy of rejoicing in Christ in the struggle.” “I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God; incline your ear to me; hear my words” (Ps. As I am on the brink of turning 40 and still single, many a word have I spoken to the Lord regarding my current status.

Right might have been a player in his former dating life.

“We’d be grabbing drinks at a bar or shopping for groceries, and guys who he’d been with would bombard us—and it was never the same people,” he explains.

It is easier and more natural to be under the protectorate of men, but to instead slip on heels and work alongside them was not something I expected.

My father was a military officer and my mother was a housewife, and I assumed I would follow her footsteps.Cruel thieves con an average £10,000 out of a person through the scams, show figures released by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and Get Safe Online.More than 2,700 online dating-related crimes were reported to the police over the year to October 2015, conning victims out of a collective £27million.“My breaking point came one day when we were trying to watch a DVD, and his cell phone rang four different times…and it was always a name I didn’t recognize on the caller ID.Allison wrote me a week or so ago and asked me if I would “address the issue of being mindful and watchful of single ladies in the church who weren’t expecting to go seeking for an established career.