iini Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2011 with funding from LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation This book is an essay, a story in pic- tures of life at Memphis State Univer- sity. WESTLAND CONTENTS Campus Life 24 Organizations 88 Athletics 136 Greeks 168 Activities 232 Academics 280 Challenge . Memphis State is now at a new plateau of development. It was exactly what I needed to end 2015, a lot of fun to read while making witty observations about being "the only" and exploring class issues that it managed to not only hold my attention but also cause me to pause and think after reading a passage.

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The problem is, no one seems to have actually DONE it..if they have, they're not talking about how they DID it. Or actually, 3 friends of mine..happen to be travelling with me right now, as I pen this letter!

Not in a way that the average guy or gal can download, quickly understand, and then actually for success. Meet Race De Priest, Adam Ethofer, and Alex Ethofer…

We launched Airbags, our collection of columns, on Sept.

2, 2003, beginning with Ramsin Canon's Revenge of the Second City, Alice Maggio's Ask the Librarian, Media Warm & Tepid by various authors, and Cinnamon Cooper's One Good Meal.

In keeping with its goal, the theme of this book is the abstract.

The purpose of this theme is to emphasize the new spirit which is finding its way onto the Mem- phis State campus.

incentive for knowledge Twilight creeps stealthily over band members in a late afternoon practice.

Sun filtering through golden leaves sets the mood for quiet talks.

A couple things from the earliest days of the site are missing -- including the first incarnation of Transmission, a weekly mp3 from a local artist, shared in a box on the front page.