Truthfully, there’s not much credibility to their drama awards ceremony as compared to Golden Bell Awards, it’s more like popularity award to self-celebrate and to reward the efforts of their actors and actresses, but they’re still worth watching just for the eye-candies galore, all the glitters and sparkles *_*. *andigettostalkmybabyjasperagain* The beautiful ladies of SETTV. The winners of Best Actress and Best Actor Awards posing together.

Jasper Liu and Puff Kuo’s natural friendly chemistry is just so squee-worthy.

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Dream Girls after releasing their 3rd album has had many dilemmas over Puff&Tia's popularity regardless it be dramas, advertisements or singing - personally I believe that both ladies are very hard working individuals whereas Puff is a little more outgoing, I find Tia more poised and elegant and a quiet girl in nature.

On a personal note, I believe Tia's acting is matured to a point she can try a female lead role (she has acting in dramas like Summer's Desire, Miss Rose, Office Girls ect.) Whoever Aaron gets to work with I'd be willing to give a chance too, because his acting does seem to bring out the best in many actresses and he has a way of starting them off on their new paths.

I thought the movie did really well to keep the spirit of the book and part of that was to do with the fact that Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort have amazing chemistry together.

They seem to share a really close friendship and a really satisfying ability to provide fan-service in the genuine and loving way they act towards each other (And to their fans...

Since Pleasantly Surprised ended, I've been trying to find another series that would give me The Feels. I've watched a couple of episodes of Bad Romance/ Boysitter and I haven't felt all that impressed. In the meantime, I'll be translating the Behind the Scenes for the January SPOP shoot in my next blog post, which is another Puff and Jasper video (I know, I just can't get enough of those 2.) I've also decided to expand my blog to talk about all sorts of Drama TV and Movies, including English ones because that's what I've been fangirling over (But don't worry, I will definately still talk about Puff and Jasper and Asian dramas.) Which couple am I shipping at the moment? Well, I'm very late to the party for this one (the film came out about half a year ago and these guys would have finished filming more than a year ago), but I finally saw The Fault in Our Stars and read the book.

I didn't think I'd like it when it first came out and people were raving to me about it like they did with A Walk to Remember and The Notebook (Both of which I hate). Probably my favourite non-fantasy/sci-fi teen story yet.

As mentioned before, Gui Gui is a member of the variety show, (偶像萬萬碎), Aaron advises Gui Gui to get married to a mature guy who is at least 30, and when she inquires about him, he suggests a promise to marry her if she’s still unmarried at age 30. She wants to go to Finland to see the Northern Lights. Short clips of both shows are included after the jump (or after my imaginary storyline of them in a typical romcom.).

To further fan the romantic seed, he wonders where she wants to get married? They meet up at a laywer’s office to draw up the relationship contract.

For the third consecutive year, Puff Kuo got the number one spot for FHM Taiwan's 100 Sexiest Women. Puff Kuo, a singer and member of the female pop group "Dream Girls," bagged the said title for the third time.