The first thing Garmin Express tells me is that I need to download the maps to my computer (Windows 7), and then use Basecamp to transfer to my device.

But after some time downloading, I get a message from Garmin Express that the installation failed, and that there was a problem installing the map to the computer (note, I did not want to install to the computer - I wanted to install to my Garmin device). I can see a lot of files downloaded to my computer, but Garmin Express just tells me the installation failed. Using Basecamp afterwards doesn't really help either. It can see my device, but installation of maps simply doesn't work.

choose Option 2 instead), skip to the next section: I downloaded the Garmin Lifetime Update program.

problem updating my garmin-10

Hello, I cant' manage anymore to update my garmin edge 1000....

By wifi directly or through Garmin Edge, it keeps saying me an error occured during the update.

This is what I get everytime I try to use the Garmin Lifetime Updater: NOTE There was an error installing your maps. If problems continue, Please contact Garmin customer support.

I have 2 GPS units registered with it, a 650 & a 765 I don't know if it matters. Gary Are you trying to load the same map on two different units?

Once I click ok to that error it seams to work ok but that's just a PITA having to see that all the time now.

I'd say to contact Garmin support, as the message says, is your best course of action.

After rebooting, I clicked Tools Map Info and saw that the maps were NOT yet updated (still had my same old maps).

I plugged the unit back into the computer as instructed, and reconnected it to the Garmin Lifetime Update program.

Then I connected my GPS, and continued running the Garmin Lifetime Updater program.

I launched the program, and it then prompted me to update my Garmin Communicator plugin.

So in order to update all the countries I'll be driving through I decided to simply do the updates in 3 sections so that I would supposedly end up with updated maps for France, Belgium, Luxumbourg, Germany, Switzerland and Italy - but omitted to update the UK because I wanted to keep one final available update for another time.