Whether you’re 25 and fancy free or 65 with grown children, first dates for the majority of people are pressure moments—a situation in which you have something at stake and the outcome is dependent on your performance.When pressure is your chaperone, you become overly self-conscious, anxious, a poor listener, and abrupt speaker, and poor judgment that causes you to be unlike a “gentleman or lady.” Pressure makes you unattractive—it’s the opposite of your Fairy Godmother.Many times, young girls enter a relationship or pretend to be interested in finding a significant other because they do not want to be the odd one out.

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Just out of high school, working towards a career, and expanding your social circle.

Within the time frame of college, you may encounter someone who may seem attractive. You want to get to know them, but you’ve got work and school.

When a young girl begins to date, she can start channelling all her energy and focus into her significant other, leaving her friends and family to the side.

Not only can the people who care about her lose out on spending time with her, but she may also be missing out on the broad range of experiences that can help her become a stronger, more intelligent young woman.

Whether it’s buying chocolates or giving flowers, people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking part in any one of its many traditions.

At Notre Dame, the typical Valentine’s Day traditions supplement a long list of others that stereotypically characterize the campus dating experience, such as making eye contact at Domerfest, walking around the lakes holding hands, kissing under the Lyons arch and receiving a “ring before spring.” Boasting a number of students who owe their existence to the fact that their parents met at the University, Notre Dame stands apart from other schools in terms of the pressure for dating and finding a soul mate.In classic Notre Dame fashion, he proposed by the lakes.The newly engaged couple followed the proposal with lighting a candle at the Grotto and a kiss under Lyon’s arch in a marathon of Notre Dame traditions.“There are people who I’m not friends with who think it’s absolutely insane that we’re getting married two weeks after graduation, but Notre Dame still has a relatively large group of conservative students who are cradle Catholics and want to get married soon.Somewhere in between middle school and college though we lost sight of that picture of an environment where your peers are potential drug pushers and started seeing them as what they are: friends.Of course, friends have your best interest at heart and that’s why they’re your friends, but just like you, they may lack the experience necessary to smell a potential mess brewing in a forced relationship.You’re attracted to this person, but you’re just not sure.