Heterogeneous sediments and radioactive disequilibria will increase errors on Dr, while incomplete bleaching of the sample prior to burial, anomalous fading in feldspars, and the estimation of past sediment moisture content may all also add to increased errors.

Characteristic emission bands at 280, 330, 410, 560 and 700 nm have been found and some dosimetric properties of it, relevant to luminescence dating, can be described.

A major conference for the presentation and discussion of luminescence and electron spin resonance dating results is held every three years at various locations around the world.

Feldspars are widely used as dosemeters in dating archaeological and geological materials by luminescence methods, especially infrared stimulated luminescence, IRSL.

Some fundamental problems of this luminescence phenomenon are still not solved satisfactorily and basic knowledge regarding emission wavebands, dose repsonse, optical bleaching and stability of the different luminescence signals is of great interest.

The meeting will consist of both oral and poster presentations, and presentations by research students are especially encouraged.

The conference, aimed primarily at Asia-Pacific countries, is open to participants from all over the world.

Lime mortars mixed with sand are well suited for connecting structural materials, like stones and bricks, due to the mechanical properties this material exhibits.

Their extensive use in architectural and decorative works during the last 4000 years motivated the introduction of the 'Luminescence clock' for age determination of mortars.

I also teach on the Masters courses GEES503 (Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems).

Quaternary environmental change Geomorphology, particularly in drylands Geochronology, particularly luminescence dating 2010 - "Establishing a multiproxy Quaternary palaeoenvironmental record for low altitude, arid mainland Spain" £2350 (Uo P PUP fund)2010 - Royal Society Conference/Travel fund £1550 (XVIII INQUA Congress, Bern, Switzerland)2008 - “Determining the extent, timing, and cause of Quaternary uplift along the Atlantic coast of Africa and Iberia”.

The conference will cover topics ranging from fundamental studies, through advances in equipment technology and analytical procedures, to applications on geological and archaeological materials.