Now this is only what the guy in store told me, but I believe the existing Virgin/Optus post paid services, do not allow the making and receiving of calls.

I would be very surprised if Optus was blocking Vo IP.

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commissioner (The internet over the years has become an increasingly important part of consumers’ lives, and there has been growing competition between providers for the supply of Internet services and plans.

Alongside these developments, the ACCC has kept watch on the advertising and selling practices of internet providers, to make sure they don’t infringe consumer protections.

“Our platform will allow Optus to enhance its existing telecoms offerings with world-class software and services delivered easily through the cloud, while our additional consultancy will help Optus hone its market proposition and offering to attract new customers.

We’re very much looking forward to being part of Optus’s journey in the SME market and part of its ongoing success.” For more information on our telecoms cloud services, take a look at our solutions for telcos here.

Last week, Optus Internet Pty Limited paid $51,000 in penalties in connection with its advertising for cable broadband.

In Australia, consumers receive a broad range of protections by the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

A number of Australian internet service providers' websites are running on dual-stack servers according to, earning the green tick of approval.

This includes ii Net, Internode, TPG and South Australia's Adam Internet.

However, the Internet Industry Association and the Australian Computer Society are still stuck in IPv4 land.