As a job seeker you can polish your resume and choose what impressive attire for your interview.

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The company denied it was using this information improperly, but FTC officials were not persuaded.

As a result, the company reluctantly agreed to undergo regular privacy audits for the next 20 years.

In 2011, the French government fined Google 100,000 euros for its Street View caper, and in the UK the investigation is ongoing.

● In February 2010, Google stunned privacy advocates by rolling out Buzz, a social networking service that automatically enrolled Google's 175 million Gmail users, instantly creating a "circle of friends" for each user based on who they emailed most often.

This is just a brief article on benefits of background checks.

Have you seen what information is on the Internet about you?Do you want to know more about your internet partner?First, know what public record information may be obtained on you. You also need to have information on new friend, coworkers, family members and new partner, if you are engaged in an internet relationship.what they mean” for those who carefully weigh the self-authored descriptions on dating sites before making the decision to contact a potential match. WHAT THEY SAY - Male: 5’7″ WHAT THEY MEAN – Male: 5’5″ or less WHAT THEY SAY - Male: Wearing baseball hat WHAT THEY MEAN - Male: Bald or little hair WHAT THEY SAY - Anyone: No photo WHAT THEY MEAN - Anyone: Not attractive WHAT THEY SAY - Female: Age 36-39 WHAT THEY MEAN - Female: Age 40-50 WHAT THEY SAY - Female: Weight 135 pounds WHAT THEY MEAN - Female: Weight over 150 pounds WHAT THEY SAY - Male or Female: No weight listed WHAT THEY MEAN - Male or Female: You don’t want to know WHAT THEY SAY - Male: No income stated WHAT THEY MEAN - Male: I can’t afford you WHAT THEY SAY - Female: No income stated WHAT THEY MEAN - Female: It doesn’t matter WHAT THEY SAY - Male: Coffee dates only WHAT THEY MEAN - Male: Been doing this for too long. WHAT THEY SAY - Female: Coffee dates only WHAT THEY MEAN - Female: I have other dates booked for lunch and dinner WHAT THEY SAY - Male: Separated WHAT THEY MEAN - Male: Married and unavailable WHAT THEY SAY - Female: Separated WHAT THEY MEAN - Female: I want to have sex and will you pay for my divorce?CAUTION: Don’t let this humorous compendium unfairly put you off from using an online dating service.Most employers run these background checks on current employees and as well as job seekers.