Even this progress comes only after seven months of surgery and recovery according to . It was enough to shake your core.” Dylan O’Brien’s injuries were deliberately kept from the public, so little is known about what Dylan was going through six and seven months ago.

Roger Juan is giving fans a strong hint that Dylan was gravely injured, and that his injuries were and, perhaps under certain circumstances, still are life threatening. I never saw him in his worst form, but it was described to me. It was certainly a lot different than what was revealed at the time.

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Just last week, veteran BBC Radio 4 presenter Dame Jenni Murray was formally reprimanded after she said in a newspaper article transgender women could never be ‘real women’.

The BBC said that ‘presenters should remain impartial on controversial topics covered by their BBC programmes.’However, it seems the Corporation is rather less keen to crack down on Left-wing bias.

And last year, he compared Home Secretary Amber Rudd to Adolf Hitler, after she announced plans for firms to publish lists of foreign workers.‘If you’re going to have a sharp line of distinction between people born here and people who just work here, you’re enacting chapter two of Mein Kampf . O’Brien, 45, who was educated at the £33,000-a-year Ampleforth College and the London School of Economics, barely tries to conceal his Left-wing leanings.

Of his LBC colleagues, Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage, O’Brien says disparagingly: ‘It’s not company I’d particularly seek or enjoy.

But hey: If this doesn't sound like your usual workout style (or your gym partner's), you could always go for O'Brien's other favorite form of high-intensity interval training: The 1-Minute Piñata Workout.

According to a new study, married couples who do this at least once a week report being 3.5 times happier than other couples and are 9% less likely to divorce.

And while they did get some sweat in, their day at the gym more or less morphed into a display of rage, inappropriate touching, debates over gym fashion, and wholly unnecessary karate kicks., between bar muscle-ups. HAND UNDER MY ASS." There was even a trainer staredown, as Hart's trainer Boss (that's what he calls him) met O'Brien's trainer Reuben.

"I can go up that high," O'Brien snapped back, before trying and failing to heave his torso ("you look like a skinny bean bag," Hart said) over the bar. "Reuben works me out twice a month, and then we go over my accounts. "They're Romanian.") Then: "You look like a magician from the future!

Trained by ex-Cold War agent Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton), Rapp excels in his training.