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Reasons include the serious or chronic illness of the mother and her treatment which creates a temporary difficulty to nursing.

Additionally, a mother's taking drugs (prescription or recreational) may necessitate a wet nurse if a drug in any way changes the content of the mother's milk.

Nurses assess and treat patients, carry out procedures under the instruction of doctors and collaborate with varies health professionals.

They also coordinate the work of others who’s involved with the patient to keep them updated.

Before the development of baby formulas in the 20th century, when a mother was unable to breastfeed her baby, the baby's life was put in danger if a wet nurse was not available.

There are many reasons why a mother is unable to lactate or to produce sufficient breast milk.

There was also an increased need for wet nurses under circumstances when the rates of infant abandonment by mothers, and maternal death during childbirth, were high.

Some women choose not to breastfeed for social reasons.

Hundreds of nurses and other front-line workers rallied at the Manitoba Legislature Wednesday about cuts they say could "compromise safe patient care" in the province.