We suggest checking this list before buying or selling gift cards in the secondary market." Here is a list of the 5 standards that the Gift Card Granny vetted partners have agreed to: · Refund/Return Policy: Partner will provide a Refund/Return policy to Customers whose Transactions resulted in a loss to the Customer due to fraud, inaccurate data, or cards with no value.· Shipping/Delivery Expectations: Partner will clearly communicate shipping or delivery expectations for each Transaction.

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We’ll also tell you about some problems with using gift cards for everyday spending.

says it offers discounts of up to 35% on gift cards from more than 100 name-brand merchants.

Fees vary, but there’s a calculator that allows you to check availability and cost in advance.

Some localities have their own credit card payment processing service, possibly with a lower fee.

Could buying discounted gift cards help you save money and reduce your monthly budget?

Possibly, if you teach yourself to spend them like cash and not like free money.

For other giving as well as receiving options, take a look at our Gift Baskets and Online Flower Delivery comparisons.

Both of these sites highlight vendors who offer new gift cards for a variety of goods.

“Until recently, our focus was on providing consumers data on where to buy the best discount gift card amongst all the exchanges.