The couple split soon after the third and final season aired."They were very different people. In the end they weren't suited for each other,” Kolinsky explained.

“The only thing they really had in common was their music.

💞A cancelled flight, three babies in bed and grandparents in town allow for a spontaneous date night with my main man by the ocean!

The couple is about to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary next month, and Vanessa’s ring is a custom-made “platinum eternity band of Asscher-cut diamonds,” according to

Jewelry designer Nick Bader told the magazine after the Lacheys were married that Vanessa “was definitely looking for a ring to match her engagement ring.” Happy Mother's Day Eve to me!

Though the couple parted ways in June 2009, they patched things up a few months later and tied the knot in July 2011.

Minnillo gave birth to their son, Camden, in September 2012.

He wanted a family, and her father thought maybe she was too young.”Check out what Lachey has been up to lately in the video below.

The '90s were chock-full of glorious celebrity couples, but the '00s also had its fair share of gems.

Fast forward just a few years and they would forever become the poster exes for why it's almost never a good idea for couples to do a show that's going to focus mainly on the inner workings of their relationship (the stories of emerging unscathed are the exception).

Fast forward several years more and Lachey and Simpson would both be happily settled in new relationships, with children and doting partners and all the evidence that being married to the other was only a truck stop lunch on the road to their real destination. ) has suffered in the retelling, becoming a marriage of just a few moments—Chicken of the Sea; "Sweetest Sin," Jess' musical ode to losing her virginity; their inevitable divorce; etc."It was the most amazing moment of my life," Simpson told Sex can be a great motivator, as can an unparalleled opportunity to build a brand and earn some money, but Simpson and Lachey—for all the show revealed them to not have in common—did originally intend to live happily ever after.

Keep reading to see more of the Lachey family, then check out POPSUGAR's interview with Nick, in which he talks about his "angel" of a daughter.

In the interview published Monday, she says the shows was less scripted than you might’ve thought.“It was a whole new genre.

And in December, the pair welcomed their third child together, a son named Phoenix.