As part of the refresh, the company is now asking customers for their permission to collect location data even when they are not using the app.This includes tracking riders five minutes after their trip ends, and even when the app is in the background of a customer’s smartphone.

I was expecting to hate it (I am lazy, so the idea of an app with the premise of me having to send a ton of messages was unappealing), so I put it off and reviewed it last intentionally.

The most annoying part about dating apps is breaking the ice.

So it's not surprising to see Facebook Messenger as the number one app in the App Store (because everyone is being prompted to download it), or that it has a 1-star rating (because everyone is being prompted to download it).

This time, the backlash has turned into a melee over user permissions and privacy fears, thanks to incorrect reports from technical neophytes.

Applications have been around for as long as computers, but the term 'app' is associated with the software that runs on a smartphone or tablet device.

Apps are usually accessed by clicking or tapping on an icon on the homescreen of your smartphone or tablet.

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“I simply don't trust Uber to limit their location tracking to ‘five minutes after the trip ends.’ There's nothing I can do to enforce this as an end user given Uber's removal of the ‘While Using the App’ setting.” Uber insists it will restrict its tracking of customers to the five-minute limit.