Afterwards, she thanks Itachi for saving her and asks if she can hold Sasuke, to which Itachi refuses because she will make Sasuke cry.

Izumi persists but Sasuke cries and Itachi takes him back, which makes Sasuke happy, but this leaves Izumi irritated.

Everyone wants to know which Naruto character he/she resembles, as we all most probably want to be an anime character.

So find out which Naruto character you are most like.

P.s sorry i made sasuke sound really mean and evil.

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In the anime, Izumi meets Itachi prior to them enrolling in the academy, where she asks him to join her and her playmates in a game, but he declines.

When the other children begin bullying Itachi, she defends him and orders them to leave him alone, but Itachi scares the bullies when he deflects a rock back at one of the bullies before leaving.

Izumi was born into the Uchiha clan, as her mother was a member but her father was not.