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The Kinks' career can be cleanly divided into four different periods: Rockin' roll ("You Really Got Me," "All Day And All Of The Night"), British-obsessed pop character studies ("Sunny Afternoon," "Lola"), overblown show tune "rock operas" (no hits whatsoever) and catchy radio hits from mediocre albums ("Wish I Could Fly Like Superman," "Come Dancing"). (ready" rhymes with "greedy" and is defined as "in the act of reading") Don't argue with the progress of American dictionaryism. smelled trouble the minute I found out that the Kinks didn't have a hit with "Radar Love" in 1974. Look at punk rock and heavy metal with the yelling and the screaming. The only cover kicks off this kollection (Milk Cow Blues) and its great!!!

It's that kind of shocking revelation that can change your whole world in a nutshell and make everything important seem like so many hot air balloons wafting overhead. Then listen to "The World Keeps Going Round" - it's a simple voice song but boy it sticks with you! THIS RECORD CROSSED THE ATLANTIC OCEAN WITH THE SAME TITLE AND TRACK SELECTION ! (covers were the bane of the earlier kollections by the way....ahead listen to their version of Louie Louie over and over again, I dare ya! Gotta get the First Plane Home, When I See Thqat Girl of Mine, You Can't Win... World Keeps Goin' 'Round and I'm On An Island are insights as to what to expect in the future, Where Have All The Good Times Gone makes the hair on my back (not just my neck) stand up every time Dave yells "Wont you tell me" and Till The End of the Day is the last great stab at the "knitting needles in your ears" kind of tune....overall I'll give the album an 8, only because I know of what's to come...........

Plus long hair is uncomfortable when the wind blows it in your face. They play fast fun white boy blues on this album, like the early Rolling Stones and Beatles. " But the guitars just diddle and dick around (except in "So Mystifying," where Dave or more likely a studio musician plays a HAMMER-ON lead guitar line like Eddie Van Halen! Diddla diddla (repeat)" and "Diddla diddla" is where he hammers on. As for the album, I for one am chock-rabbitted at Ray's incredible sense of melody-making, especially in terms of vocals.

When I got out of the car, he said, "Oh, you're a dude! " How's a young hippy freak to respond to such a comment? I kept my long hair until I was about 25 and it was a horrible mistake that I will not repeat. If you're into punk rock, mosh to "Beautiful Delilah" and "Cadillac" and "I'm A Lover Not A FIghter! We're all laughing now because OJ Simpson murdered two people and is insane, yet he's not in jail! (pause) his would probably be considered the final of the original Kinksy-sounding guitar rock records, but baby it's already moving on to more and more gentle melodic pop songs, which is no problem at all because the Rain Man tears at that. And I'm not saying Ray Davies was a psychic or anything, but if you knew what I know about his crystal balls, you'd be a lot more hesitant to bite him in the groin than you are right now.

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